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A PowerPoint slide that you can use to print up certificates for most colorful, most patriotic, best of show, etc.  Edit the church name and date.  Then change the name of the award, as appropriate, print the certificate, and repeat.

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Here's a cool poster that you can use for advertising an Awana Grand Prix race.

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A collection of Awana Grand Prix graphics files that you can use in your own documents and posters.

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This is a list of certificate awards that we have used in our races.  Pick and choose which you want to use and add to it as you like.

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Certificate images for Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.

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A collection of Cub Scout Pinewood Derby graphics files that you can use in your own documents and posters.

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Adobe Photoshop file that you can use to make driver's licenses for your racers.  Also includes signage, a driver's test and eye exam so you can make getting their driver's license a fun part of the race.

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The rules, regulations, procedures and more used by Pack 374, Pioneer District, Santa Clara County Council.

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A big collection of Word, Excel and Visio documents that we use for our Grand Prix planning and preparations.  Many of these were edited from documents originally created by William Wright, and are posted with his permission.

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Wheel and axle inspection sheet.  Shows legal and illegal wheel profiles.

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