Welcome to GrandPrix Race Central!

Awana® Grand Prix, Pinewood Derby®, Kub Kar Rally, and other similar gravity powered races can be lots of fun and a great learning experience for the kids. However, a good race takes a great amount of planning, coordination and resources. This site is dedicated to providing race coordinators and leaders with ideas, information and resources to help stage an exciting and fair race for the children that are building and racing their handmade creations.

Key Features of this Site:

  • Articles - Ideas, information and resources on how to plan and coordinate your Awana Grand Prix and Pinewood Derby style race. There are topics covering Tracks, Electronics, Software, Scales, Scheduling Methods, and more.
  • Downloads - Various documents, graphics and other files that can help with your race. You can even contribute to this great resource.
  • Photo Gallery - Hundreds of car photos from my family, our Awana Clubs and visitors to this site. These can help those kids who are not sure just what design they want to build. You can even submit your own car photos!
  • Links - Links to various Awana Grand Prix and Pinewood Derby race websites. You can even submit your favorites.
  • Forum - Link to our Derby Talk forum.  This is a great resource for both race coordinators and racers.
  • Site Search - Search the content on this site.

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