There are actually 5 good reasons for conducting an Awana Grand Prix or other "Faith based" races.  You can probably think of more, but these are, in my opinion, the most important.

  1. Spread the Good News - To reach others with the Gospel of Christ.  Each race should include a short Gospel message and other opportunities like the workshops should be used to let others, not just the kids, know about Christ.
  2. Adult/Child Interaction - Whether the child wins or not, they should be able to look back, with fond memories, at the experience of building a car with their parent (or another adult of their choosing).  What I remember most fondly about growing up was the time that I spent with my Dad working on various projects together.
  3. Craftsmanship - Help the kids, and maybe even some adults, learn some woodworking skills and have the sense of pride in making something with their own hands.
  4. Promote Good Sportsmanship - After all, it is a competition, so the racers need to know how to be graceful at winning an in defeat. That, and winning isn't everything.
  5. Have Fun - Let's face it, building the car and racing it is FUN!  Otherwise, no one would bother to do it.  Who says Christians can't have fun?