Some organizations let the kids, that are still too young to build the wooden cars, race die cast cars like Matchbox®, Hot Wheels®, etc. Here is some resources for that type of track setup.


  1. Use Your Current Track:
    • You might be able to use your current track by racing the cars between the lane strips. You just need to come up with a start gate. Below is a very simple start gate that was built by Dave Barnes of First Baptist Church of Branford, FL Awana club. It attaches to the track, but can be removed easily before the regular race.

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      Start Gate Start Gate Close Up
  2. Buy a Track:
    • BluTrack - Manufacturers a track system for racing die cast cars. There is even a The Judge timer for this type of track.
    • Derby Magic - Manufactures a PVC track that can be used for a regular race or to run die cast cars.
    • You can also try to find enough of the Hot Wheels® plastic track, but I had trouble finding any that did not belong to some set.