Here is some software that will help you in planning and conducting your race. I can make no guarantees on quality of software that other people have written, so I leave it up to you to decide which software will work for your race.

Race Management:
Race management software can make running your race easier. It can help manage tedious tasks such as registering cars, generating race schedules, tracking the race results, and determining award winners.

If you are looking for race management software, you can read this article to help you in Selecting Race Management Software. This article was published in the Maximum Velocity's Pinewood Derby Times, Volume 2, Issue 10, on February 5, 2003.

Commercially Available Packages:
Below are the most popular commercial race management software packages available on the Internet. With race management software, there are a lot of features to consider, so it is best for you to do some comparison shopping and see which fits best for your race. There is a comparison of the most popular of these, on the Race Management Software Comparison Page.
  • GrandPrix Race Manager by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - This is software that I wrote originally for our club's Awana Grand Prix race and is now available through timer manufacturers and other websites.
  • DerbyMaster by Enterprising Ideas
  • Some timer manufacturers offer their own race management software but it will only work with their brand of timers.  These generally provided limited functionality.
You do need to be aware that since this software is free or provided with the expectation of a nominal fee, that you may not be able to get timely support (or any support) for it if you run into a problem.  In other words, use at your own risk.  If you have a timing system, the software may not be able to interface with it, so that is something else to consider.

Race Scheduling:
There are a variety of race scheduling methods out there. The software below will help you to generate charts for specific scheduling methods. I am not a fan of elimination methods, so I have not listed any software resources for them.

If you want to learn more about different race methods, I'd suggest you check out the Race Methods Page at the Shape N Race Derby web site.

  • Perfect-N Type Chart Generator - This is a web based chart generator created by Stan Pope and Cory Young. It creates Perfect-N, Complimentary Perfect-N, and Partial Perfect-N type charts.
  • Stearns Method - This is a DOS program that generates Stearns charts.

Sound Effects:
Sound effects can help enhance your race by adding to the racing atmosphere. The kids love hearing car crashes, sirens, reving motors and other sounds.

  • RaceFX Sound Effects Player by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - It is an easy to use and highly customizable sound effects player that can play up to 90 sound effects (comes with 45). This software can be used for Car, Semi-Truck, Space Derby, and Raingutter Regatta racing. It can even be customized and used for non-racing purposes.
  • Awana Grand Prix Sound Effects - There is a sound effects CD that comes with the Awana Grand Prix Instruction Manual and has 12 sound effects, the US Nation Anthem and the Awana theme song. This is available in the online Awana Supply Catalog to clubs affiliated with Awana.

Video Instant Replay:
Like to see an instant replay of a race? Now there is a software product available to do just that.

  • RaceReplay by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - RaceReplay is an easy to use application for capturing and playback of video from a video camera. As its name implies, you can use RaceReplay for controlling instant video replays of captured video. You can display the video over a projection system or large TV so your audience can enjoy the instant replays and live action video. You can even capture, save and print snapshots from the video playback. RaceReplay can be used as a standalone application or it can integrate with GrandPrix Race Manager Version 6.0 or above.

Other Cool Software:

  • DerbyDMV by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - DerbyDMV creates mock drivers licenses for your racers, complete with their photo. It's a nice souvenir keepsake to remember your race with. Can be used for any type of race using some sort of race vehicle. Highly customizable.
  • Derby Car Tracker by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - Derby Car Tracker is a tool for racers in performance tuning their cars.  Racers can document their car's characteristics, collect actual run data and analyze the performance.  Performance can be compared before and after a change to the car.
  • DerbyWeb by Lisano Enterprises, LLC. - DerbyWeb is an add-on to the GrandPrix Race Manager software which allows race crew and spectators to access specific race data via WiFi on their smart phone or tablet computer.