What We Use

In deciding upon a race method for our Awana Grand Prix, we wanted each participant to be able to race in each of our track's lanes and for them to compete against as many other racers as possible. Racing in each lane was a requirement to ensure that no racer was at a disadvantage because they just happened to be assigned to the "slow lane", and to ensure that racers were not quickly eliminated from the competition.

The method that we settled upon and filled all of our requirements was based on Perfect-N, Partial Perfect-N, and Complimentary Perfect-N Charts. Using these charts, every racer is involved in the competition until the very last heat is run.

Cory Young and Stan Pope have created a handy JavaScript Partial Perfect-N Chart Generator that makes creating and customizing these charts a breeze. If you want to learn more about these charts, check out Stan Pope's, Pope's Pinewood Pages Portal.

Perfect-N Type Chart generators are also built into some race management software like our GrandPrix Race Manager.

Other Race Scheduling Methods

An excellent source of information on different race scheduling methods is Darin McGrew's Derby Race Methods page.

Suggested Race Format

We are often asked our recommendation for running a race. Click here for our suggested race format.