There are many ways that you can get the word out about your upcoming race:

  1. Car Display - Build a display that shows the basic steps of how to build a car, to give the kids and their parents an idea of how simple it can be to build one. I got the idea from the Community Church of Vista, in Vista, CA and built one for this year's race. This display will be used at a sign-up table during Awana Club nights and at church services to encourage the tentative kids (and their parents) that they can do it too.
    The display consists of:
    1. Car design traced out on block
    2. Rough cutout of the car
    3. Car shaped and sanded
    4. Car half primered - half painted
    5. Finished car with wheels attached
    You can condense this if you wish, like Community Church of Vista's display, and eliminate car #4.
    Car Display
  2. Awana Club Night Announcement - At the start of Game Time or Council Time bring the car display and a couple of the winners from last year's race, along with their cars and trophies to put in a plug for this year's race. We have a harder time getting our girls interested, so we try to include a girl that has participated before so as to encourage the other girls.
  3. Photo Display Board - Make a collage of photos from previous races to display whenever you are promoting your event and selling the car kits.
  4. Posters - Here's a cool poster that you can use for advertising an Awana Grand Prix race. You can download the full-size JPG file, a ready to print MS Word document and the PhotoShop PSD file. It is about a 4 MB download. I can't take credit for it. I got a paper copy from the Community Church of Vista in Vista, CA and made it into an electronic copy.

    Click on the image to enlarge

    Awana Grand Prix Poster