Winner's Circle

Our Photo Gallery can be a good place to start for ideas on car (and non-car) designs. It has a variety of designs, from very simple to very elaborate.

You can even contribute to this photo gallery by submitting pictures of cars from your family.

Other Websites
There are a lot of good sites out there that have a wealth of information on how to make a better looking or faster race car, as well as how to prepare for your race. These are among a few of them:

  • Derby Talk - This is our forum for racers and race coordinators to discuss anything related to Pinewood Derby and Awana Grand Prix racing. You can find lots of good tips on constructing cars for speed or design.
  • Pope's Pinewood Pages Portal - Lots of good information for car builders and their mentors.¬†Stan also has an online book, Learn to Build a Winner, that is a great resource for building cars.
  • Grand Prix Racing - Includes simulation program for those that really get into the science of it all.
  • Pinewood Derby Axle Alignment - A web page that can help align the wheels, based on how the wheels move along the axles as the car travels.