1. Official 5 oz. Weight - Check the Weigh Scales page for information on acquiring an official weight.
  2. Official Supplies - For groups like Awana, BSA, Royal Rangers, etc., you must order official kits and parts from that national organization.  Your rules should spell out what kit should be used.
  3. Car Inspection Go/No-Go GaugeCar Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge - Lisano Enterprises has designed a gauge that will allow you to easily check for dimensional compliance, underbody clearance, wheelbase length (if applicable), and even see if the car will have an unfair advantage at the start pin. All that with a single gauge. Click Here for more information.
  4. Commercial Sites - Here are some web sites that offer car kits, weights, decals, add-ons, supplies to polish the axles and prep the wheels, and other items. These are listed in alphabetical order.
  5. Local Stores - Here are some other possible places to get supplies for building the cars.  These stores are likely to carry PineCar or Pine-Pro brand products.
    • Hobby Stores
    • Hobby Lobby
    • Michael's

Caution: The car parts that you find at local and online stores may not comply with your race rules, especially wheels and axles. Always check the race rules to make sure those parts are legal for your race.  If in doubt, check with the race coordinator for your race.